Vatoz – Ultra Thin Wooden Laptop Stand


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  • Whether at the office or at home, on the sofa or in bed, at the table or on your lap, with or without a keyboard and mouse, the Vatoz laptop stand was designed to make you comfortable and elevate your pleasure working on your laptop.

Vatoz Laptop Stand Features

  • The thinnest wooden laptop stand on the market with only 8mm, but still one of the strongest due to premium birch plywood, and 3 layers of premium varnish to harden the wood.
  • Aesthetic and professional look thanks to the elegant design.
  • Long product life and flawless surface quality due to multiple coating of varnish.
  • No setup is needed.
  • The height of the stand has been calculated to get the monitor to your eye level.
  • Thanks to the gap underneath it, you can organize your table by storing unused items under the stand.

Vatoz Laptop Stand Use Cases

  • Can be used both at home or at the office, virtually on any surface
  • Due to its smart design, it could be used with an external keyboard and mouse, or with your laptop’s built-in keyboard. The angle of the stand was carefully calculated so that you can put your hands on it with utmost comfort.
  • Vatoz can be also used on a sofa or in bed. Due to its angle, it allows you to sit and see the screen comfortably and will prevent the laptop to overheat your legs.

Benefits of Vatoz Laptop Stand

  • Vatoz’s ergonomic design allows you to sit upright and avoid health problems stemming from bad posture.
  • If you do frequent Zoom video meetings, Vatoz will prevent you from looking overweight due to the normal downward camera angle.Vatoz will allow you to look more natural as your camera will be at your eye level.

Vatoz Product Details

If you are sick of sitting with bad posture, having back and neck pain, and having. double-chin during your Zoom meetings, Vatoz laptop stand is here to help you.

Shipping: Free
Material: Premium birch plywood
Weight:  1kg
Weight Limit:  10kg
Manufactured In: Türkiye
     Dimensions:  16x25x50cm (height – depth – width)
     Top Surface:  40x22cm (width – depth)
Supported Laptop Sizes: Suitable for all laptop sizes

11-13-15-17 inch

Weight 1000 kg

Oak, Walnut

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