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Ayaktapot Standing Desk Features

  • Aesthetic and elegant design.
  • Long product life and flawless surface quality due to multiple coating of varnish.
  • Takes 10-15 seconds to set up. No tools are necessary due to the smart and functional design and can be set up by anyone without help easily.
  • The height can be adjusted %100. Everyone can achieve a comfortable configuration for their height.
  • Can easily be disassembled when you are not using it. The product can be flat packed when disassembled and therefore is easy to store as it doesn’t take much space.

Benefits of Ayaktapot Standing Desk

  • Studies have proven sitting down for a long time is detrimental to your health.  Ayaktapot allows you to work while standing in a comfortable position.
  • Sitting down for a long time has also been linked with psychological issues as well as weight gain. With Ayaktapot you can help yourself stay fit by working standing.
  • Due to Ayaktapot’s ergonomic design, you are free from many problems linked to sitting such as hunching, neck pain, and back pain.
  • If you want to be even more active, you can put a walking pad or treadmill under the table while using Ayaktapot.

Ayaktapot Product Details

Shipping:          Free


Premium birch plywood



Weight Limit: 


Manufactured In:




75x45x81cm (height – depth – width)

     Top Shelf:

34x20cm (width – depth)

     Bottom Shelf: 

81x20cm (width –depth)



We recommend using Tahtapot on a 50x50cm table.


Weight 5000 kg

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